GoHenry Launches Manifesto Urging Next Government to Improve Financial Education in Schools

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  • 29.05.2024 09:10 am

GoHenry, the prepaid debit card and financial education app for 6-18-year olds, today announces the launch of its manifesto outlining how the next Government can improve the delivery of financial education in schools. 

As political parties kick off their election campaigns, GoHenry's manifesto outlines 10 key recommendations* for making financial education work for all young people, as 84% of kids and teens say they would like to learn more about the topic in school.  These include ensuring that financial education is taught in all schools - not just those that follow the curriculum - from primary through to secondary school, and that lessons include both practical and theoretical elements. The manifesto also recommends that financial education becomes a statutory part of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) syllabus.

GoHenry’s ongoing campaign for all young people in the UK to receive a consistent level of financial education in schools has found broad cross-party consensus on the need for improvement, as illustrated by the findings of the recent Education Select Committee inquiry on this issue. The findings said that current provisions in schools are lacking and urged the government to make financial education compulsory from primary school. 

Young people, parents, teachers, education charities and employers all want this to happen, and the GoHenry Financial Education Manifesto lays out a clear roadmap on how to deliver financial education in schools and ensure young people in England are equipped with this essential life skill.

Commenting on the launch of the GoHenry Financial Education Manifesto, Louise Hill, co-founder and CEO of GoHenry, said:

"The next government has a golden opportunity to enhance financial education provisions and secure a brighter future for young people across the country, and it is imperative that we maintain momentum on this critical issue despite the distraction of the General Election. Our manifesto outlines how we feel this can be delivered in a simple, efficient, and effective way, without the need for significant public spending, primary legislation, or overburdening teachers. All of which would be a quick win for whoever comes into power. More importantly, young people want to learn. I hope that whichever party forms the next government takes note of these important voices and gives them access to the practical money skills they need - and want - to navigate the adult world successfully.”

Saira, a 12-year-old GoHenry customer, said: “Learning about money is super important because as kids we know we need money for stuff, but sometimes we don't really get how it works. Some kids think money just magically appears when we grow up! Financial education lessons at school could help us understand how to manage money properly, especially for the future when we have jobs and might need to save up for expensive things.”

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