Yooz Unveils Yooz Rising AP Automation Software

  • Payments , Cloud
  • 28.01.2021 03:38 pm

Yooz, the cloud-based Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation software company, has today unveiled Yooz Rising, its new and improved AP automation solution.

With improved user experience and new features, Yooz Rising has been launched in early 2021 and has already been successfully adopted by more than 500 organisations across the EMEA market.

In late 2020, early adopters in the US realised the immediate benefits of the Yooz Rising solution, with more than 30 US-based organisations running the solution successfully during the pandemic.

Yooz Rising becomes the only all-in-one solution on the market that meets the 3 vital needs of modern businesses and finance departments:

1. Real-time automation from anywhere, at any time generating unmatched speed and savings

2. Supporting business resilience and continuity with complete traceability and security

3. Intuitiveness and simplicity as a driver for quick user adoption

“Yooz Rising represents a big step forward in terms of user experience and functional coverage, thanks to its ability to push the limits of document processing automation,” says Philippe Stodezyk at INFOR. “Yooz Rising meets Infor final customers’ needs as the solution definitely drives the digital transformation for the finance office.”

Laurent Charpentier, COO at Yooz, adds: “Yooz Rising perfectly matches with Yooz DNA: an unrivaled solution made for modern accounting and finance leaders striving for excellence and driven by a shared performance-driven ambition. When an offer reflects so perfectly the values of the group of people who made it, there is no surprise that it brings the highest value to its users in the market.”

With the ambition to remove all barriers to AP & P2P automation adoption, Yooz provides the most powerful, zero-capex, zero setup, zero training cloud-based solution to organisations across the world.

Yooz leads the market by redefining the standards of AP Automation, making no compromise between performance, simplicity, security, and features by combining: 

  • The smartest real-time automation technologies thanks to a unique blend of IA Deep Learning and Big Data-based technologies, allowing every user to achieve the highest efficiencies leveraging the unique power of the 100+ million invoices and 1+ million vendors in the Yooz community
  • The most intuitive and modern user experience
  • And the richest and most secured features: from purchase requisition to invoice payment, from regulation-compliant traceability to IA-based fraud detection.

Yooz will demonstrate Yooz Rising to the market on the 25th of February 2021 during the Worldwide Yooz Rising Day. Learn more at https://cloud.getyooz.com/en-gb/webinar-worldwide-yooz-rising-day.

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