Wirecard helps merchants and restaurants introduce takeaway and delivery services with contactless payment options

  • Payments
  • 24.04.2020 12:47 pm

Wirecard, the global innovation leader for digital financial technology, and mobile payment specialist Stampay are helping restaurants and retailers to expand their services by offering cashless delivery and takeaway options. The contactless payment options offered by Wirecard via the payment platform stampayGO enable SMEs to quickly and easily begin offering their customers safe takeaway and delivery services, for instance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ratskeller Munich, an iconic Bavarian restaurant in the heart of the city, is already leveraging on the payment solution from Stampay. The Royal Dolores, Ratskeller Munich’s in-house bar, uses stampayGO for its newly established wine delivery service, in addition to its regular operations, in order to conveniently accept payments for takeaway and deliveries. Thanks to Wirecard's integrated financial technology, customers can make contactless payments regardless of their device and location.

There are two ways for customers to pay. With the first option, Pay-by-Link (Click&Pay), customers receive a payment link via familiar channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail or social media, and can pay for their order upfront. Pay-by-Link is available worldwide and is an important component of Wirecard's international Covid-19 initiative.

The second option, Scan&Pay, allows customers to conveniently pay for their order upon receipt, either at their front door or when picking it up from the restaurant, by scanning a QR code generated on the merchant’s smartphone.

For merchants, the payment solutions are easy to install: they do not need new payment terminals, checkout systems or a website. With the integrated technology from Wirecard, stampayGO can be easily set up with any smartphone. “We are very grateful to Wirecard and Stampay,” said Peter Wieser, Managing Director of C. Wieser Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH, the operating company of Ratskeller Munich. “With stampayGO, we have started to process contactless and cashless payments for our deliveries without a card terminal, using our existing smartphones, all in a very short time span. By doing so, we can protect our customers and employees’ health in this very challenging time for us all,” added Peter Wieser. 

Retailers and end consumers benefit on several levels. Contactless payments are more hygienic than cash or card terminals that require PIN input. Moreover, they can be processed quickly and easily and do not require the installation of an app. “We are convinced that merchants and customers will appreciate the advantages of the two payment options Scan&Pay and Click&Pay in the long term as well. For merchants, this opens up the possibility of strengthening customer loyalty even more by means of a simplified customer journey,” commented Kilian Thalhammer, Executive Vice President Product Management at Wirecard.

“Wirecard is the perfect partner for us because we are both pursuing a common goal: Making payments smarter day by day,” said Joachim Sedlmeir, founder and CEO of Stampay. “Stampay GmbH has no access to the users’ banking and payment data. The data is processed exclusively via Wirecard as a certified and globally operating payment service provider with the highest security standards. For Stampay, security is a top priority,” explained Joachim Sedlmeir.

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