Why Fintech 2.0 Now?

  • Payments
  • 21.06.2021 05:14 pm

After a decade of being at the core of the financial services industry, having thousands of conversations with the brightest minds on our stages, hosting hundreds of workshops, and getting in the trenches with leaders solving real-world challenges, for the first time in our history, Money20/20 is proud to release our expert predictions in a thorough report about where our industry is headed over the next five years.

We are on the cusp of a new wave, Fintech 2.0, where fintech becomes intrinsically more connected to the economy. The prior wave of financial technology primarily focused on the digital distribution of existing products and services. Now, we're eagerly watching to see how the industry will shift its activity and enable digitally-native financial services to be fundamentally reimagined from the core out. 

Are you ready for what’s next?

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