Unwire Connect Mobile Payment Solution Works Across all Devices

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  • 06.04.2016 02:15 pm

Unwire Connect is a revolutionary product that connects the consumer with the merchant at point of sale by using a tap-and-pay system. Unwire Connect is unique as it is the first offering of its kind and the only one that is white label and available on all platforms.

“We are facing a global mobile challenge — there are many fantastic mobile solutions but no fantastic solution to connect them at point of sale,” said Jens Johan Schwarzer, Chief Innovation Officer at Unwire.  “You can’t expect customers to choose a payment system based on the type of phone they own. The winning solution will be the one offering payment systems across all devices - Unwire has taken up this challenge with the development and launch of Unwire Connect.”

How does it work?

As soon as you come into the shop, your phone is recognised by Unwire Connect. This allows the merchant to push offers and draw metrics on consumer behaviour. But you only authorise a payment once your phone by physically tapping the white label Unwire Connect tap-and-pay box at the register. The user experience is similar to ApplePay/NFC (Near Field Communication).

But what makes Unwire Connect so special?

It offers freedom and independence to both the bank or merchant implementing it, and the consumer using it. It works on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) so the customer is not bound by their phone. It also helps the retailer as they don’t have to support multiple solutions to reach all of their customers.

It is a surprisingly easy system for retailers to set up and use and at the same time it is inexpensive and economical.  People assume that there is a great deal of paperwork and resources in setting up a system of this kind but the reverse is true of Unwire Connect, which you can just plug in and start using. Transactions are fast, a bonus for both the merchant and the customer, neither of whom want to waste time on the payment.

It supports any level of security including tokenisation and PCI requirements and there is the possibility for security to be fully customised as the client requires.

Who is Unwire Connect for?

Unwire Connect is perfect for banks and larger retailers, particularly those that already have their own wallet solution as it is ideal to fit with an existing app or wallet.

“We are unlocking something that everyone has been struggling with and no one, until now, has found a way to make it work. It is a new way of approaching pairing technology and it offers such simplicity that any merchant can set it up and get going with it,” said Jens Johan.

He added, “Unwire Connect offers a toolbox that can be built on. The sky is the limit. It is ready to go but can be customised for specific solutions. Unwire Connect is a key piece of the puzzle and can slot into any existing ecosystem.”

Unwire Connect is already available and pilots can be set up in weeks.


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