Tinkoff and Burger King Launch Russia’s First Fast-Food Debit Card

  • Payments
  • 28.10.2020 04:38 pm

Tinkoff, Russia’s largest digital bank, has partnered with Burger King, a fast-food chain of restaurants to issue 10,000 limited-edition Tinkoff – Burger King co-branded debit cards with progressive cashback rewards. The two companies will also hold a social media contest for a chance to win a year's supply of Burger King food.

The launch of a Tinkoff – Burger King fast-food card, the first card of its kind in Russia, came about after the two companies engaged in some light-hearted banter on Twitter.  

Tinkoff – Burger King cardholders will get progressive cashback rewards for a period of one year for spending money at Burger King. For spending of up to RUB 300 at a time, cardholders will receive a 5% cashback reward, while purchases for up to RUB 800 and higher will translate into cashback rewards of 10% and 15% respectively. After the first year, a cashback bonus of up to 30% will be awarded in accordance with Tinkoff Black debit card conditions. These terms will only apply to new Tinkoff debit cardholders.

Anyone is eligible to try their luck to win food for a year. To enter this contest, one must visit a dedicated landing page, generate a friendship-themed comic strip and share it on social media*. The winner will be chosen on 26 November 2020, using a random-number generator.

Alexander Bro, Head of Partnership and Loyalty Programmes at Tinkoff, said: “This Tinkoff – Burger King card is all about friendship, social media, and terrific, memorable collaborations. We often use social media platforms to communicate with other brands and even indulge in some good-natured trolling. So when Burger King first approached us with this offer, we thought they were just goofing around. But after they posted their letter to make it official and customer comments popped up, we realised this is a feasible idea after all.

It was obvious from the start that it had to be something special rather than your average debit card. So, we created this eye-catching design and added progressive cashback rewards of up to 15% for Burger King purchases. And as icing on the cake, we are giving active social media users a chance to win a year's food supply from Burger King.”

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