Sokin Links Into Currencycloud to Strengthen Its Global Payments Network

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  • 11.08.2020 02:38 pm

Sokin, the new generation fintech payment firm, has announced it will be integrating Currencycloud’s local payment rails as part of it’s easy to use, low cost subscription-based money transfers service in over 150 countries, with 35 different currency options.

Sokin has developed a market leading proprietary global payments network for B2B customers which offers a simple app, or online-based platform which allows multiple transfers with no hidden costs, all for a fixed monthly fee.

Vroon Modgill, CEO at Sokin, sees Currencycloud as providing the best in class solution which is the perfect fit with Sokin. “We have developed our payments network across core market areas, and by working with Currencycloud we can quickly bring all the benefits of our subscription model to a greater number of markets and clients. Currencycloud provides easy to integrate cloud-based services which can seamlessly support our operations in all the markets we want to offer a service.” he commented. 

Sokin, as a fintech challenger payments firm, gives customers low transfer costs across all markets and currencies without adding on repeat costs or marking-up exchange rates. Businesses and customers know they will be receiving fast, low-cost and secure payments, with the same level of service for all transactions.

Lauren Passey, Sales Director for Fintech at Currencycloud, said: “Sokin is the type of new generation payments firm which is a perfect partner for Currencycloud. The focus on customer experience and the need to have very high levels of regulatory oversight and efficient onboarding is what we do best.  Global payments infrastructure is complex and time consuming to navigate so we can allow clients to quickly expand their international networks and know that quality and cost will never be compromised.” 

Sokin allows users to make unlimited payments and transfers for one low monthly fee, starting at US$2.99. There is no mark-up on transactions and on average prices are 20% lower than other existing payment solutions. Fast and secure payments are made through Sokin's app covering a range of business and consumer clients.

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