Paysend to start an educational program about digital money

Paysend to start an educational program about digital money
20.03.2020 09:52 am

Paysend to start an educational program about digital money


Paysend, a UK based Fintech has started the creation of an educational program to help customers improve their knowledge about digital money through a series of articles, blogs and videos.

One key issue that the world is experiencing these days is about personal safety in the usage of cash. Cash can play a big role in the movement of viruses from person-to-person, given the frequency that each note is used. In the UK, an average £20 can be used some 2328 times in its life- time.

The World Health Organization in a recent article cautions people about the potential threats of using cash as a carrier of potential health threats. Because of the frequent change in hands, paper bills can pick up all sorts of bacteria and viruses and help spread them around.

A 2017 study published by Plos One claimed that paper money carries bacteria, microbes from mouths, DNA from pets, drugs and viruses, meanwhile a 2002 study in the Southern Medical Journal suggested that pathogens existed on 94% or dollar bills, and that paper money can re- portedly transport a live flu virus for up to 17 days.

Paysend’s CEO Ronnie Millar said: “at Paysend we work to make digital money transfer so simple that anybody can use it. Our digital money transfer service allows people to send money to over 80 countries from their smartphone or computer in the most safe and effective way.”

“We are at the forefront of digital innovation and want to make it easy for people to manage their money - particularly in times of strife,” Mr Millar added. “That is why we are investing on educating people about the advantages of digital money for their daily financial needs.”

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