Paydesk partners with TransferWise for frictionless freelance payments

  • Payments
  • 12.12.2019 09:54 am

British freelance payments platform Paydesk today announced its integration with TransferWise, the global technology company for moving money internationally, to offer the most efficient payments to freelance workers. Now more freelancers across the world will be able to access the benefits of Paydesk features such as immediate insurance cover and quick payments for work.

Freelancers on the Paydesk platform now benefit from quick and simple payments, lower fees and receive the real exchange rate for overseas payments. Media brands can benefit from being seen as better employers forming more positive working relationships with the freelance community, preserving reputation and encouraging repeat business.

Traditionally, some freelance payments have been regarded as slow and complex, due to issues such as duplication of invoices and 90-day settlement terms. Freelancers who are unsure when they will be paid and unsure when they will be able to pay their bills which can cause financial anxiety.

By relying on TransferWise’s lightning fast API, Paydesk’s growing community of over 6,000 freelancers worldwide can receive payments without speaking to their banks 24 hours a day, via any device, anywhere in the world. TransferWise also ensures Paydesk can scale to expand volumes and create new user accounts quickly and securely. 

CEO and founder of Paydesk Henry Peirse commented, “Paydesk’s ambition is to let freelancers anywhere in the world withdraw funds whenever they want — without waiting weeks or months for invoices to be processed. In a competitive field, TransferWise stood out as the best service for us to meet this ambition. Our mutual focus on simplicity and speed creates great synergy, the benefits of which we hope to deliver to our freelance community.

Freelancers urgently need financial control and flexibility, so the market opportunity for payment innovators is huge. We hope more fintechs and providers are inspired to join us in harnessing their expertise to improve the lives of these hard-working professionals and remove the pain points from freelance payments.”

Alastair Thompson, Global Head of Business Partnerships at TransferWise said, “Paydesk shares our vision for bringing fairness, convenience and transparency to people all over the world, so we knew this partnership would be a perfect fit. By plugging into TransferWise’s API, paydesk is enabling more workers globally to benefit from frictionless payments, wherever they are.

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