PayComplete New Cash Handling Brand from SUZOHAPP Announces its Global Launch

  • Payments
  • 18.01.2021 07:08 am

PayComplete, the new brand and identity of the cash handling division of SUZOHAPP announced its launch today. This new brand will invest in what is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for broader financial transactions, running both on PayComplete’s native devices and others.

The introduction of PayComplete follows a strategic review of SUZOHAPP’s gaming and amusement and cash handling strategies, operations, technology, and end-customers. The separation of the two businesses enables both divisions to focus on their respective market strengths and expertise. Effective immediately, the name SUZOHAPP will only refer to the Gaming & Amusement side of the company, while the Cash Handling division will do business as PayComplete.

“PayComplete will go forward as a company centered around an “Internet of Things” (IoT) software platform for financial transactions, in combination with a much leaner portfolio of cash management and payments hardware, components and services that better align with our overall strategy”, said Jurgen Leijdekker, CEO of PayComplete. “We will focus on creating value for customers by developing customizable software, devices and service solutions. PayComplete’s solutions will be centered around its cloud-based software platform, which together with a set of core hardware devices and supporting services for financial transactions, will help businesses reduce cost, eliminate risk, and provide a better user experience for end consumers.”

The new direction of PayComplete fits a new world. A post COVID-19 world where devices are increasingly connected (Internet of Things) and where there is less tolerance for physically handling cash. A world where consumers want to help themselves and conduct their own financial transactions. A world in which connected devices generate data that can be mined for many purposes – from more efficient service to working capital management to improving the user experience.

PayComplete is a FinTech IoT platform for self-service financial transactions originally for cash management, but increasingly for broader payments and transactions. As a global technology company, PayComplete provides solutions and services to end-markets such as Retail, Transportation, Financial Services, Consumer Self-Service, and OEM. PayComplete’s platform powers hardware devices (native and others) to provide integrated payments, cash management and broader financial transaction solutions. In a world where devices are increasingly connected (Internet of Things) and consumers desire to manage their own financial transactions, PayComplete’s platform creates order from chaos for enterprise customers and creates a premium user experience for end-consumers. With over 1,000 employees in 19 countries worldwide, PayComplete is owned by ACON Investments LLC, a middle-market private equity investment firm responsible for managing approximately $5.9 billion of assets. To learn more about PayComplete, please visit

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