Paycircle and PayDashboard partner to fully digitise payroll and payday experience

  • Payments
  • 01.07.2020 04:43 pm

Cloud-based payroll provider, Paycircle, and interactive payslip platform, PayDashboard, today announced a partnership that will fundamentally transform the bureau sector — and the way the employees of the future get paid.

Both companies are digital natives, with Paycircle providing an end-to-end cloud-based payroll service and PayDashboard an interactive payslip experience, where employees can access their payslips anytime, anywhere, and communicate effortlessly with their employers.

The new partnership offers significant value both throughout and beyond the traditional payroll process, including financial wellness and education to help employees understand their pay and finances. 

The two propositions dovetail seamlessly and, through their partnership, now provide a powerful alternative to current legacy providers for whom payroll is an afterthought rather than an opportunity to engage.

Between them, Paycircle and PayDashboard have a growing pipeline of value-add services for their users, ranging from employee benefits and financial wellness to effortless holiday requests, expenses and timesheet management.

By joining forces they can roll out a more holistic payroll service to the bureau sector, faster.

Catherine Pinkney, Co-Founder, Paycircle, commented:

“PayDashboard’s vision is very similar to our own, which is to create a seamless, richer and far more interactive payroll and payday experience for bureaus and employees alike. Bringing to life, and adding colour to the way people get paid, unlocks a whole new level of engagement and loyalty among staff. Our combined technologies also embed payroll professionals in the heart of their clients’ businesses rather than at the peripheries. The payroll world is changing and we’d like to think both companies are in the vanguard of that change.”

Mike Binns, CEO, PayDashboard, added:

“The technology and cultural synergies between PayDashboard and Paycircle are extremely strong. Both companies believe payslips and payroll have long been ignored in business and are usually seen as a laborious process rather than a chance to engage more effectively with the workforce. Our combined technology today offers a huge differentiator to the businesses of the future, helping companies to communicate more effectively and authentically with their staff in real time. Payday, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly, is always an emotive experience and our products hopefully capture and reinforce that emotion, turning a previously dull payroll event into an opportunity.”

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