Paya and RECUR360 Announce Strategic Partnership to Implement Integrated Payments For B2B Clients

  • Payments
  • 13.07.2021 01:40 pm

Paya , a leading integrated payments and commerce solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with RECUR360, a cloud-based software and automation solution provider which offers recurring payment, invoicing, and collection capabilities across a number of B2B verticals. Through the partnership, RECUR360 will offer its clients enhanced capabilities and support for integrated card and ACH while also tapping into new, underserved markets such as wholesalers, distributors, and field service providers.

“With this strategic partnership, RECUR360 will offer its customers increased efficiency throughout the end-to-end payments process while also offering an enhanced user experience,” said Jeff Hack, Paya’s CEO. “The partnership also provides Paya with further opportunities to serve B2B-focused software clients within the field services industry, where our integrated payments capabilities can offer a major value proposition.”

“Our collaboration with Paya represents another significant step forward in value for our customers,” said Andrew Abrams, Founder and CEO of Recur360. “We are excited about Paya’s robust API library and its automated onboarding process, both of which will make the payments process more seamless and efficient for RECUR360’s customers.”

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