Ozan Electronic Money Turkey Successfully Completes Visa Principal Membership Process

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  • 15.02.2021 04:58 pm

Ozan Electronic Money Turkey has successfully completed its Visa principal membership process. Ozan Electronic Money Turkey was established to bring individual users together with SMEs on financial services. The recent Visa principal membership is an important step towards this goal and means that Ozan Visa Card users will be able to spend safely anywhere in the world.

"1.7 billion people in the world are still completely unbanked - and billions more are underbanked."

Ozan Electronic Money Turkey continues its licensing and infrastructure efforts required to operate in the UK, the European Union countries and the USA. Viewing 2020 as a preparatory year, the Ozan Team started 2021 by taking a very important step to achieving its global goals and officially announced its Visa principal membership.

Alfred F. Kelly, CEO of Visa, mentioned Ozan Electronic Money Turkey in his speech at the Q4 Earnings Conference Call organized by Visa. He signaled that important steps would be taken with the cooperation between Visa and Ozan Electronic Money Turkey in global money transfer and many other areas at the beginning of 2021.

Omer Suner, the CEO of Ozan Electronic Money Turkey, indicated that Ozan SuperApp would do an ambitious market entry to Turkey in the near future and said: "With the Visa cooperation, our users will be able to create their Visa virtual cards in Ozan SuperApp and will not have to carry cash anymore. In addition, the Ozan team aims to cooperate with brands, institutions and organizations, especially with other fintech companies, on the path to becoming a global brand. In this context, we will continuously seek to develop our strategic partnerships, such as that with Visa."

Suner also pointed out that the team behind Ozan SuperApp will develop new features that will make daily life easier, in line with the wishes and needs of the users.

Dr. Ozan Ozerk, founder of Ozan SuperApp, offered his views on what the principal membership means in light of the recent pandemic: "The world of financial services is going through some incredible transformation, accelerated by the new challenges brought by the current pandemic. However, 1.7 billion people in the world are still completely unbanked - and billions more are underbanked. The aftermath of the pandemic will most likely further widen the wealth gap between the banked and unbanked. This is why it should be our utmost priority as fintech companies to make the access and adoption of these services a key priority. The guiding principle must be inclusion."

Dr. Ozan Ozerk continues: "With our own financial license infrastructure in Turkey, Europe and the U.S., and strong partnerships beyond, we believe we're in a unique position to start bringing our vision to a wider audience. The Visa collaboration that we are announcing today is a great example of how we seek to partner with industry leaders on our path to global reach and success. We will continue to grow our collaboration with all institutions that share our principles of fair access and inclusion for all."

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