NiuPay Has Chosen Skaleet to Launch its Payment Institution in French Polynesia

  • Payments
  • 09.12.2022 09:15 am

NiuPay, the first Polynesian payment institution approved by the Banque de France, has chosen Skaleet's new-generation Core Banking Platform (CBP) to provide local populations with limited banking access to digital, simplified, and secure financial services.

NiuPay provides Polynesians with an account, a payment card, a mobile payment system, and all of the functions required to conduct their business in a single secure and enjoyable application. The goal is to manage one's money completely autonomously by receiving real-time transfers and payments.

Furthermore, the establishment provides an International Mastercard that is linked to the NiuPay account. This card can be used to make purchases in stores or to withdraw money from ATMs in French Polynesia and elsewhere. Finally, through a QR code, NiuPay customers can pay for their purchases with their Smartphone, while maintaining an overview of their expenses. 

In a territory the size of Europe, French Polynesia consists of 120 islands, 79 of which are inhabited. It benefits from favorable conditions for the development of increasingly accessible technological solutions, with more than 84 % of Polynesians owning a smartphone and good network coverage. On the other hand, for its inhabitants, the dispersion of this territory poses a barrier to the deployment of banking services: double isolation (middle of the Pacific and geographical dispersion of the islands), high reliance on cash, the gradual disappearance of the cheque, lengthy administrative procedures for opening bank accounts, and a weak network of traditional bank branches.

Skaleet and NiuPay have a multifaceted partnership. It means easy access to an open and modular solution that is easily configurable for the Polynesian payment institution. In addition to being simple to use, the Skaleet solution allows for the secure management of large volumes of customers while working with small back-office teams.

A major goal was to ensure the financial and economic inclusion of the most vulnerable or isolated populations; this could only be realized by relying on a solution based on simplicity, agility, instantaneity, and traceability of operations, ensuring the security of customers' assent. sets. These requirements, formulated by NiuPay teams, have been fully taken into account.

" French Polynesia is an ideal innovation laboratory for developing technologies tailored to our needs. We are delighted to contribute to our region's financial inclusion through a concrete and equitable island solution that reduces disparities among local populations and, finally, allows us to serve the payment needs of all Polynesians who continue to face difficulties in accessing daily financial services. " - Fabrice Luciano - Managing Director of NiuPay.
" It is important for us to partner with financial institutions that share our vision and ambition to innovate and adapt to change. We are delighted to contribute at our level to the development of a future-oriented solution that contributes to Polynesians' financial inclusion through this technological partnership with NiuPay. " - Hervé Manceron - CEO and co-founder of Skaleet.

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