Night Time Industries Association Partner with Zapaygo to Launch New “Ask For Angela” Safeguarding Feature Within the Order and Pay App for Businesses Across the Sector

  • Payments
  • 29.11.2021 02:00 pm

The Night Time Industries Association and preferred partner Zapaygo, one of the UK’s leading order and pay apps, launches ‘Ask for Angela’ feature, to be available across all their venues as part of the broader safeguarding initiative available to businesses.

An exceptional amount of work has been done within the sector, which is focused on creating safer environments for people to socialise within, and build public confidence. This initiative is one of many layers of safeguarding mechanisms which will prove to enhance communication between staff and customers if they are feeling vulnerable or concerned about their safety.

Venues wishing to use this feature would receive the notification, like any other order, through the Zapaygo system, and implement their safety protocol without individuals needing to speak to a member of staff directly. This offers an additional way to access the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative which may be beneficial to better support people wishing to receive support anonymously.

Zapaygo users will be able to select the ‘Ask for Angela’ option from a participating venue’s menu as simply as if they were ordering a drink. ‘Ask for Angela’ is a nationally recognised safety initiative which allows people to alert a venue to a personal safety concern. In the past, this has relied upon speaking directly to a member of staff. While ‘Ask for Angela’ is already a successful scheme, the NTIA and Zapaygo recognise that technology can provide an additional option to help venues implement this initiative even more effectively.

Elliot Hall, Founder and CEO of Zapaygo, said: “Technology in our industry has long been used to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency. Following the recent increase in concern over the wellbeing and safety of guests in late night venues, Zapaygo, in partnership with the NTIA, have been working on ways to use our technology to integrate personal safety features too. We believe that we can offer solutions which fit industry standards and work in real-life, operational practice. The safety of our users is top priority.”

Mike Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, said: “The NTIA are constantly working to improve inclusion and safety in night time spaces. This initiative will enhance the communication channels between customers and staff when they are feeling vulnerable or compromised. It is clear that the enhanced mitigations around searching, communication and training alongside safety mechanisms like this initiative will go a long way to building confidence in the sector, and the ability for people to enjoy a safe night out.”

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