MeaWallet Introduces New SoftPos Solution MeaPay to Enable Contactless Payments

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  • 18.09.2020 11:24 am

Accepting contactless payment can be a headache for any small business, store, or independent worker who must buy or lease expensive and cumbersome payment hardware. MeaPay cuts those hardware shackles and provides greater freedom by making payment possible on Near Field Communication (NFC) devices. 

“What we have created is really a ‘bring your own device’ mentality for payments. Our software enables an off-the-shelf mobile phone, for example, to become a contactless payment terminal – accepting payments via contactless-enabled plastic cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or other providers. This gives small businesses, stores, or independent workers the freedom to choose the best device for their needs,” says Nuno Sitima, CEO of MeaWallet, maker of MeaPay.

A B2B solution that can be integrated into existing software solutions

The MeaPay contactless acceptance software development kit (SDK) is designed for integration with other applications, making it possible for partners to launch SoftPos solutions. App developers can enable contactless acceptance directly into their own apps, such as accounting software or other solutions for small businesses, such as restaurants, retail shops, taxi/transportation, or other service providers. 

“Cash economies are a thing of the past, and today people expect to be able to make contactless payments wherever they are making purchases. Small businesses, app developers, and payment service providers will benefit greatly by moving from a hardware POS solution to a software solution. We hope this creates flexibility, innovation, and cost efficiencies for all in the payments ecosystem,” says Sitima. 

More flexibility without sacrificing security

MeaPay’s SDK enables app developers to offer a software-based point of sale or point of sale functionality in apps, with the same level of security and consumer protection as a physical payment terminal. 

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