Lenovo Deploys Behalf to Provide In-Purchase Financing for Business Customers

  • Payments
  • 28.09.2021 10:00 am

Increases SMB buying power while reducing risk and improving cash flow

Behalf, Inc., a provider of In-Purchase Financing solutions for B2B sellers and buyers, today announced that Lenovo, one of the largest computer makers in the world, has deployed Behalf’s solution to provide flexible and extended financing to its business customers and LenovoPRO business members. With Behalf, businesses can now finance and pay for their Lenovo purchases on a schedule that works for them, either monthly or weekly.

Lenovo customers can easily enroll with Behalf from the Lenovo website or by invitation via their Lenovo Sales Business Specialist. Customers can also enroll with the assistance of a Lenovo Small Business Specialist by calling 866-426-0911 and, coming soon, an online application will be available at the LenovoPRO Store. If approved, they will be able to finance their Lenovo purchases through Behalf on flexible financing terms that fit their business needs.

Behalf’s In-Purchase Financing solution provides all the benefits of consumer-focused Buy Now, Pay Later offerings with capabilities tailored specifically for Lenovo’s business-to-business commerce relationships including:

  • Seamless online checkout that significantly improves the customer experience, drives same-session checkout, and enhances customer loyalty.
  • Easy integration with Lenovo’s existing point-of-sale systems.
  • Advanced underwriting and scoring models based on expansive datasets, business history and other predictive metrics to address the added complexity and risk of larger business purchases. This enables Lenovo to extend financing that may be unavailable through traditional channels.
  • Financing for transactions of significantly greater average order value vs. consumer financing offerings.
  • The ability to serve the needs of virtually all of Lenovo’s business customers – regardless of size.
  • Behalf financing coupled with Lenovo’s exclusive free business membership program, LenovoPRO, delivers best-in-class value for business shoppers.

Behalf’s Sales & Marketing teams will also support Lenovo with sales and operational training, and customized assets that enable Lenovo’s sales team to introduce Behalf to its customer base and create a seamless enrollment experience. Behalf will also share best practices with Lenovo on how to leverage different financing options to increase sales.

“Lenovo wants to offer its business customers a buying experience that is as easy as what they see in their daily lives as consumers,” said Behalf CEO, Rob Rosenblatt. “With Behalf, Lenovo can offer flexible financing programs and receive payment upfront, without the need to take on any of the financing risk. At the same time, their business customers benefit from access to flexible financing to increase their buying power and gain greater control over their cash flow.”

“Small and medium-sized organizations are the foundation of our business, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to buy from Lenovo,” said Carlo Savino, Vice President of eCommerce (NA and LA). “Behalf’s In-Purchase Financing Solution enables those businesses to acquire the important equipment and resources they need today to fuel the growth of their businesses, while at the same time giving them the ability to protect their cash flow for ongoing business needs.”

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