Fraudio and IXOPAY form a partnership.

  • Payments , Security
  • 13.04.2021 10:38 am

Leading payment orchestration platform, IXOPAY has partnered with the pioneering
payment fraud experts Fraudio.
The strategic partnership of two companies that provide game changing and market leading
solutions will see users benefit from payment agnostic orchestration and state-of-the-art
fraud prevention software. IXOPAY and Fraudio will offer clients a payment solution that
enables them to have flexibility, independence, and fraud protection, allowing them to focus
on their core business.
IXOPAY’s scalable architecture gives merchants the best payments processing options per
country, with intelligent routing, cascading, and unparalleled risk management function. As a
best-of-breed payment orchestration platform, users also benefit from centralized
reconciliation and settlements, along with simplified integration of acquirers, payment service
providers, and risk service providers.
Headquartered in The Netherlands, Fraudio have removed the barrier to entry for companies
of all sizes by providing fraud detection via a cloud hosted application programming interface
(API). Once Fraudio is connected to the merchant platform, users will benefit from a high
reduction of false positives, and as it is constantly learning it improves fraud protection with
no additional IT hassle.
Machine learning is ideally suited to fraud detection as it is more accurate, fast, and highly
efficient. This is because it evolves automatically. Fraudio’s centralized AI brain is trained on
billions of transactions and continues to grow.
“We give our clients the best. That is what we do. Partnering with Fraudio enables us to offer
outstanding fraud protection from a company that shares the same core values as us and a
market changing offering.” Said Nathalie Siegl, CEO of IXOPAY.

“We are pleased to partner with IXOPAY. Its vision and user centric attitude is parallel to our
own. By working together we can improve our services and the merchant experience.”
Added Gadi Erel, Vice President of Sales at Fraudio.
With this new partnership, IXOPAY strengthens its connectivity, ensuring its clients have
access to the best service and products available on the market.

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