First Private Security Company to Accept Cryptocurrency

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  • 18.11.2021 05:25 pm

Westminster Security Ltd becomes the first private security company in the UK to accept Bitcoin payments.

Pioneering private security firm Westminster Security Ltd is leading the way as the first private security company in the UK to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.
The London-based firm is a trusted name in the security services industry. The company has a team of experienced ex-police and military personnel providing its clients with the highest quality of services, including close protection, private investigation and surveillance.
Westminster Security often leads the way. It was the first security company in London to join the London Living Wage Scheme and the first to sign a pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant.  Once again, it is innovating by accepting cryptocurrency payments from its clients.
Bitcoin is an established and respected digital or virtual form of currency called cryptocurrency. High-level cryptography secures Bitcoin. Only the intended recipient of the data can read and process it, making it impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.
Cryptocurrency is secure, efficient, accessible, divisible, inflation resistant and transparent. Westminster Security Ltd identified an opportunity to enhance its reputation as a fearless market leader by accepting cryptocurrency.

Photo by David Shares on Unsplash

Photo by David Shares on Unsplash

John Moore, Managing Director of Westminster Security Ltd, explained:
“My continued vision for Westminster Security is that we are constantly evolving, innovating and future proofing. We find ways to add value and ensure that we continue to deliver an exceptional client experience with continuous improvement. Accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies demonstrates that we are ahead of the curve as the first private security company in the UK, perhaps globally, to do this.
“We already have many clients who use and invest in cryptocurrency, and we are happy to offer them this option to pay for our services with the method they prefer. It will give our clients greater choice and peace of mind. Our ethos is to protect people, their assets and interests. In this respect, cryptocurrency certainly meets that criteria to us as a business and to the individuals that we protect.”
Further details are available here.

About Westminster Security Ltd

Westminster Security Ltd is an industry-leading private security company based in London. Established over 20 years ago, it provides high-end security and investigations throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.
Clients include high net-worth individuals and families, CEOs and executives from Fortune 500 companies, royalty and heads of state. Being a veteran-owned company, it also specialises in providing ex-military bodyguards and executive protection, many with backgrounds in the UK Special Forces.

Westminster Security Ltd is a founding member of the Armed Forces Covenant and the London Living Wage and a member of the Association of British Investigators and British Bodyguard Association.
For more information about Westminster Security, visit the website at

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