Fime to Enable Remote Card & Mobile App Testing with Cloud-Based Tool

  • Payments , Cloud
  • 19.01.2021 07:15 pm

Fime has continued its mission to evolve and digitize testing processes with the launch of its fully cloud-based, automated test tool, Global+. The new tool is qualified to validate Level 2 card and mobile applications in line with a wide range of global and domestic schemes. Powered by the Fime Test Factory platform, the tool enables developers to deliver innovative and interoperable experiences to customers quickly, easily and safely.

Global+ can be accessed through a secure cloud portal from anywhere in the world. With multiple users able to participate in a single project, the tool facilitates enhanced collaboration between teams located across different regions. The automated solution can be integrated into a customer’s CI/CD framework, removing the need for continual monitoring, enabling time and cost efficiencies.

As with all products launched on the Fime Test Factory platform, including Fime’s future terminal testing tools, remote support from Fime experts can be called upon from anywhere in the world, any time. Additionally, users can customize the end-to-end testing process to their specific product and certification needs.

“It’s clear that the remote working trend is continuing into 2021, and we know developer teams are increasingly distributed across different sites and regions,” comments Raphaël Guilley, VP of Solutions at Fime. “Remotely accessible testing solutions not only address challenges of physical location, but also provide an opportunity to accelerate the testing process, removing costly delays and shortening time to market and revenue.”

To find out more about Fime’s Global+ testing tool and services, visit our website.

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