Fidor Bank Group cooperates with international partner to provide up-to-date, all-round financial services

  • Payments
  • 16.10.2014 01:00 am

Fidor Bank announces a new customer win in the shape of an international independent telecommunications provider. The aim of the partnership is to provide up-to-date, all-round financial services for the millions of customers of the telecommunications provider. The cooperation will focus on the software “Fidor Operating System”, fOS for short, developed by FidorTecS AG. Fidor Bank AG and Fidor Pay GmbH are involved in the programme as essential part of the cooperation. A joint announcement of the partnership will be made closer to the service launch date.

"This partnership is a landmark event", said Matthias Kröner, CEO of Fidor Bank. "Together with our partner we create a real intense white label banking cooperation with a telecommunication partner. That proves to me, that digital banking supports TelCos in creating a more sticky relation to their customers."

fOS is a modular banking, payment and community software program specially developed to provide optimal support to digital customer groups. "The Fidor Operating System (fOS) enables e-commerce companies to develop a completely new customer relationship", explains Matthias Kröner. "The solutions from Fidor Bank AG create a full-service banking environment from the simple end-user payment data that is available today. This is very exciting for telecoms companies, because their international customer base often has no access to banking solutions that go beyond simple financial services like credit transfers. FidorTecS AG has the know-how needed to develop a specially customised virtual environment for banking, payment and community services based on Fidor OS. The Fidor Operating System supports almost all digital lifestyle activities: these include a clear mobile-first approach, real-time banking, peer-to-peer and crowd Page 2 of 2 Corporate News functionalities as well as the integration of third-party offerings within the  framework of an open API-based infrastructure.

Examples for the performance of fOS are 60-second loans, even at the week-end, transfers of savings certificates by email and real-time credit transfers by Twitter –7 days a week, 24 hours a day. FidorTecS AG runs Developer Days to ensure that the offering is as varied and innovative as possible. External developers are invited to work with the bank to produce cutting-edge solutions.

In the last few years the fOS banking system has been developed on the basis of a modern, flexible and highly modular open-source programming language. Banks, telecommunications and e-commerce companies can integrate fOS with existing IT environments and core bank systems.

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