EMVCo Enhances Global Interoperability for Contactless Payments

  • Payments
  • 26.09.2018 12:21 pm

EMVCo has published EMV® Level 1 Specifications for Payment Systems – EMV Contactless Interface Specification v3.0.

The enhanced specification, available on a royalty-free basis to all industry participants, addresses the interoperability needs between EMV acceptance devices and diverse EMV contactless payment form factors, including emerging technologies such as mobile handsets and wearables.

An objective of the enhanced specification is to increase alignment with ISO standards, in addition to industry bodies such as NFC Forum, to streamline the deployment and acceptance of contactless payment technologies across the world.

The supporting testing infrastructure has also been advanced with the introduction of new test equipment to better identify and reduce the risks of interoperability issues before EMV contactless products are deployed in the field.

The EMV Specifications and related testing processes continue to evolve to support global interoperability and enhance security. To stay informed of the latest EMVCo developments and receive advanced access to EMV Specifications and related documents, join the EMVCo Associates Programme or become a Subscriber.

For further information, read the Q&A available to download from the EMVCo website.

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