Ebury Secures One of its Best Performances in Bloomberg’s FX Forecast Rankings

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  • 12.07.2021 09:50 am

Ebury named as one of the five top forecasters across 12 different currency crosses 

Continued specialism in Emerging Markets reflected in its #1 ranking for the USD and  CLP (Chilean Peso) 

Also secures #2 ranking for South African Rand (ZAR) with USD, and the Euro (EUR)  crosses with the Russian Ruble (RUB), Romanian Leu (RON) and Japanese Yen (JPY 

Ebury, a leading global FinTech and FX risk management specialist, has once  again secured positive rankings in the latest Bloomberg FX forecast rankings in one of its best  performances to date. 

Ebury was named as one of the five top forecasters for 12 different currency crosses in Q2 2021 and  continues its strong performance in Emerging Markets. This includes a top-ranking position for the  US Dollar (USD) and Chilean Peso (CLP) cross. 

Figure 1: Bloomberg’s USD/CLP Forecast Rankings [Q2 2021] 

Alongside that, Ebury also ranked as the second most accurate forecaster for the USD and South  African Rand (ZAR), and the Euro (EUR) crosses with the Russian Ruble (RUB), Romanian Leu (RON)  and Japanese Yen (JPY).  

Ebury also maintained its good recent track of forecasting the Mexican Peso (#3 vs USD) and the  Swedish Krona (#3 vs USD, #4 vs EUR), and for the first time ever secured rankings for the Norwegian  Krone and Czech Koruna. 

Bloomberg’s rankings are based on three rigorous criteria: margin of error, timing and directional  accuracy. Full rankings are listed below. 

Matthew Ryan, Senior Market Analyst at Ebury, commented: “We are delighted to have been  recognised by Bloomberg yet again as one of the market’s most accurate FX forecasters.  

“Our deep understanding of FX risk management, and specialist knowledge of emerging markets,  allows Ebury to provide a unique service to our clients in support of their activities across  international trade and international payments and collections.” 


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