Compass Plus First to Test New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in Russia

  • Payments , e-Payments
  • 25.02.2021 01:54 pm

Compass Plus has become the first company in Russia to test Oracle’s newest cloud infrastructure update - successfully completing the stress testing of its cloud-native open development payments platform, TranzAxis, using the new Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M. 

As part of its strategy to continuously develop and optimise its platform, the testing was conducted to ensure the high performance of TranzAxis when used in highly-loaded environments. With an increasing number of financial institutions migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, the tests have enabled Compass Plus to evaluate the scalability and reliability of TranzAxis using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service allows customers to easily move enterprise applications to the cloud with the high performance, scale, and availability of Oracle Exadata and the simplicity of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Advanced cloud automation, dynamic resource scaling, and flexible subscription pricing enable customers to run database workloads faster and lower costs.

"Compass Plus was the first in Russia to test its own solution, TranzAxis, using the latest Oracle Exadata X8M platform, which was released as part of the Oracle Exadata Cloud Service in October 2020. By opting for the Oracle cloud, our partner was able to focus on the key issues of the application testing project, alongside enabling Oracle to meet the challenge of providing an off-the-shelf testing environment. Given the high requirements of TranzAxis to the processing speed, Oracle Exadata has, once again, demonstrated exceptional performance and enabled to achieve record-breaking number of transactions,” said Evgeniy Pazhitnov, Technical Consultant at Oracle.

“At Compass Plus, we strive to leverage every opportunity to test all the technical and business configurations of our TranzAxis platform. We are already familiar with the Exadata platform, but its updated cloud implementation brings undeniable benefits, such as ease of management and flexibility, while maintaining the amazing speed and reliability of the already proven ‘physical’ version. The updated resources of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure have enabled us to test our platform on new super-fast AMD processors for application servers, and test the optimal options for scaling and load balancing, optimising the components of our platform,” said Alexey Chumakov, Head of Business Intelligence at Compass Plus“Having tested our platform on the latest cloud resource from our trusted partner Oracle, we can now recommend another proven, high-performance, and cost-effective infrastructure deployment option to customers.”

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