Clearhaus to Help GR8PAY Compete with Stripe and Paypal in Europe

  • Payments , FinTech StartUps
  • 05.10.2020 08:39 pm

The UK based fintech GR8PAY is teaming up with Clearhaus. Now, the Danish financial institution will provide the technology needed for GR8PAY to undertake online payments throughout Europe.

“We felt a connection with GR8PAY right away. The team embodies a rare combination of deep knowledge, amazing talent and a sincere dedication to provide the best solutions available for developers and merchants alike,” says CEO at Clearhaus, Claus Methmann Christensen. He adds: “We are always open to engage in strategic partnerships and provide Visa and Mastercard payment rails for promising fintechs. We are looking forward to joining GR8PAY on their promising journey.”

At its core, GR8PAY is a payment gateway taking pride in offering payment infrastructure to online businesses and web developers. A mission in line with the Clearhaus product.

“What struck me the most about Clearhaus was the clean and simple APIs that Clearhaus offers. In combination with a fast onboarding process, great support and a comprehensive risk profiling system, we have found the perfect partner for our future expansion in Europe,” says Jamie Hall.

Although GR8PAY was founded just 6 months ago, it has already found a way to stand out from the crowd. Thus, GR8PAY differentiates itself from the likes of Stripe and PayPal by having built the developer portal, Pay2Code.

“Our bigger competitors often leave developers on their own. But with us, the developers can communicate and benefit directly through Pay2Code. We want to be the best at accommodating the developers’ needs and in return we offer a highly skilled customer service and a UK based call center,” says Jamie Hall.

GR8PAY is currently operating exclusively in the UK but plans to expand to mainland Europe within the coming months.

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