BNP Paribas Brings Tap to Pay on iPhone to French Retailers With Payment Scheme CB

  • Payments
  • 18.04.2024 02:05 pm

BNP Paribas introduces Tap to Pay on iPhone for its retail customers in France. Tap to Pay on iPhone enables businesses large and small to seamlessly and securely accept in-person contactless payments with Apple’s contactless payment acceptance technology.

Tap to Pay on iPhone accepts all forms of contactless payments, including contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets, using only an iPhone and the Axepta BNP Paribas app — no additional hardware or payment terminal needed.

Tap to Pay on iPhone enables customers to use a payment solution that is easy to set up and use. At checkout, the employee will prompt the customer hold their contactless credit or debit card, iPhone or Apple Watch, or other digital wallet near the employee's iPhone, and the payment will be securely completed. 

Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in features of iPhone to keep the businesses’ and customers’ data private and secure. When a payment is processed, Apple doesn’t store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers. 

With BNP Paribas, Tap to Pay on iPhone is compatible with CB, a scheme that accounts for more than 65% of daily consumer payments in France, as well as Visa and Mastercard. 

Emmanuelle François, Head of Axepta BNP Paribas, says: “Tap to Pay on iPhone complements AXEPTA BNP Paribas’ payment solutions offer providing a complete digital experience and an optimised customer journey. BNP Paribas has chosen to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone with CB at launch in order to guarantee its retailer clients access to a widely used, robust, economical and secure network."

“Tap to Pay on iPhone complement CB’s innovative and secure dis digital omni-channel range of products and services. We are pleased that BNP Paribas has chosen to launch Tap to Pay on iPone  with CB -   its merchant customers can benefit from all the advantages of the French CB payment network, particularly in terms of security, reliability and costs”, adds Loÿs Moulin Head of Business Development CB.

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