Biller Genie Announces Integrated Partnership with Maverick Payments

  • Payments
  • 09.06.2022 03:10 pm

Biller Genie is now integrated into the Maverick Payments gateway, enabling Maverick’s thousands of merchants to use Biller Genie’s robust cloud-based accounts receivable tools for both Credit Card and ACH (eCheck) Processing. The partnership expands the list of payment gateway options available via Biller Genie software.

"Maverick is an industry-leading payment processor and we are thrilled to join forces with a partner who is not only full service but who is a technology leader in the space," said Biller Genie President and Co-Founder Garima Shah. "Our partnership and integration with Maverick give us the ability to continue expanding our footprint to serving thousands of SMBs with an automated accounts receivable solution as well as empower ISO's working with Maverick to unlock new business that was inaccessible before."

“We are excited about Biller Genie as an integrated partner to the Maverick platform, enabling our expansive network of partners and resellers to effortlessly leverage Biller Genie’s invoicing solutions for credit card and ACH payment processing through Maverick,” said Ben Griefer, COO of Maverick Payments. “The experience, service level, and technology Biller Genie offers clients combined with the seamless onboarding of the Maverick Dashboard is massively beneficial for any ISOs working with Maverick.”

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