AppTech Payments Corp. Announces Execution of Definitive Strategic Partnership and Channel Partner Agreements with Broadnet Technologies, LLC

  • Payments
  • 09.06.2023 11:10 am

AppTech Payments Corp. (“AppTech”), an innovative Fintech company powering seamless commerce between businesses and consumers, today announced the execution of definitive Strategic Partnership and Channel Partner Agreements with Broadnet Technologies, LLC., a global leader in business messaging solutions.

Broadnet has over 60,000 customers internationally, making the company an ideal partner to penetrate the U.S. marketplace for Text-to-Pay, 2-way SMS and a suite of SMS tools. The Partnership will strengthen AppTech’s sales and distribution efforts and expand the company’s market share domestically by enabling AppTech to offer competitive SMS rates and innovative new solutions. In addition, the Partnership will allow AppTech to embed its Text-to-Pay solution into Broadnet’s Easy Paperless solution. Easy Paperless enables businesses to print, scan, and send documents to a mobile phone by SMS link.

“The Company plans to roll out a link to phone invoice payment checkout experience using text-to-pay,” said Virgil Llapitan, President of AppTech Payments Corp. “The integration with Broadnet’s network will bolster AppTech’s fully integrated approach to all payments experiences and purchasing journeys. As a result, the Partnership enhances the development and growth of CommerseTM.”

“Broadnet, the creator of the first short message service centre (SMSC) gateway, is thrilled to collaborate with AppTech. SMSC handles text message operations and is responsible for receiving, storing, routing, and forwarding SMS messages to and from mobile handsets.” Rabih Al Zubaidi, Founder and CEO of Broadnet, stated, “We are excited to work with AppTech and their engineers to expand our suite of products to include AppTech’s text-to-pay and other CommerseTM products. Additionally, AppTech will offer our SMS products integrated into their CommerseTM platform.”

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