All Things Tech: Worldline Technical Experts Unveil What’s Next in Digital Innovation for the Payments Industry in Their in-house Worldline TeX Show

  • Payments
  • 15.10.2020 11:30 am

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, highlights the latest technologies in digital payment innovation through its internal community event, the Worldline TeX Show, throughout the month of October.  In a series of webinars and video presentations, Worldline’s technical community share and exchange information on the latest achievements, discoveries and innovations in fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, quantum computing, face recognition, mobile authentication and many others.

Worldline’s TeX Show is a one-month online event organised by ‘Worldliners’ for ‘Worldliners’ and aims to facilitate a deep dive into the world of technologies, featuring customer cases and industry insights presented by technology specialists as well as official members of Worldline’s International Expert Community. 

The following key trends in the payments industry will be celebrated in the forum:

  • AI technology for payment and fraud detection and data value for IoT;
  • The Bloomen Blockchain based platform to facilitate the management of copyrights in the media sector as well as the compensation of content consumption via micro-payments;
  • All things quantum and how quantum computing is going to overhaul cryptography
  • Face recognition revolutionising the shopping experience, allowing customers to make a payment “hands-free”;
  • Mobile authentication – recent advances and trends in user identity verification.

The event builds on the well-established practice of technical knowledge sharing in many Worldline countries. The 2020 Worldline TeX Show brings together more than 135 experts from 11 regions where Worldline operates and will feature over 80 live and recorded talks.

In an industry driven by rapid technological innovation, competition and evolving customer expectations, the Worldline International Expert Community helps to steer Worldline’s business strategy, to retain the most talented people in the industry and to create value for its customers and partners.

Christophe Duquenne, CTO of Worldline, commented: “By sharing these key topics we are showcasing the high quality of expertise and innovative thinking that our technical experts are capable of delivering. Technology is one of our strong competitive advantages. We also recognise how extremely valuable our experts are to help with our business strategy and the Worldline TeX Show is a platform for us to provide our employees opportunities and a stimulating environment to showcase their experiments, nurture their skills, and be recognised.”

Selected presentations of the Worldline TeX Show will be accessible through the joint blog of the Worldline Expert Community:

The Worldline TeX Show is supported by Worldline’s partners AWS, GitLab and CheckPoint.

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