Akurateco Launches Free Fintech Meetings

  • Payments
  • 01.08.2022 09:15 am

Netherlands-based white-label payment orchestration platform Akurateco is announcing a launch of the free fintech meetings season.

The company aims to help business owners to get acquainted with the leading payment technologies that can boost their e-commerce.

Fintech meetings are scheduled as follows: 

04.08 - How to aggregate all your payment connectors in one dashboard using a payment orchestration platform;

11.08 - How to increase approval rate up to 30% using payment routing technology;

18.08 - How to prevent transaction declines with cascading and smart decline transactions;

25.08 - How to improve your conversion rate up to 20% and users’ experience by using custom payment pages and invoicing/pay by link technology;

01.09 - How to protect your business with fraud protection software;

08.09 - How to use billing technology to wisely calculate your fees, profits, and settlements;

15.09 - How to use merchant onboarding to simplify and automate the processes for you.

Akurateco Fintech Meetings are free to attend. During each meeting, an Akurateco expert will introduce the topic, explain the payment technology, and teach business owners and merchants how to improve e-commerce by using it. All meetings will take place online and, in addition, will be recorded and sent to the participants who have registered for the relevant event.

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