Akurateco Joins Forces with Skrill for Enhanced Payment Solutions

  • Payments
  • 10.06.2023 01:00 pm

Akurateco, a leading global provider of white-label payment software, has announced its direct strategic integration with Skrill, a prominent digital payment solutions provider within the EU and part of the renowned Paysafe Group. With operations spanning over 200 countries, Skrill offers a wide range of popular payment methods, delivering a seamless and secure online payment experience for customers worldwide.

Through this collaboration, Akurateco aims to further enhance the payment experiences of its customers by leveraging Skrill's extensive capabilities. The partnership enables Akurateco to expand its cutting-edge customizable software provision and extend its global presence. By combining forces with Skrill, Akurateco strengthens its position in the FinTech industry and enhances its ability to serve a diverse clientele on a global scale.

The collaboration with Skrill empowers Akurateco to provide an even more comprehensive suite of services, catering to the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. This partnership reinforces Akurateco's commitment to delivering innovative and reliable payment solutions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

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