2nd Edition Open Finance, APIs & Partnerships

  • Open Banking
  • 18.01.2023 03:25 am

Advance your open finance strategy to meet growing customer needs and incorporate it into your corporate frameworks

Open finance strategies have advanced massively over recent months and strategies are being more widely implemented across financial institutions. There is a huge demand from consumers for financial institutions to take their strategies to the next level and become more advanced in their digital offerings and financial institutions need to ensure that they can meet these demands to retain their customers. Additionally, the true value of implementing open finance is being realised by key stakeholders as new customers can be driven to the institution who were previously inaccessible which is furthering the focus on open finance and partnerships. Moreover, there is more implementation of these technologies on the corporate side of the banks which furthers the investment level and the need to grow teams who are skilled in this technology as well as finding new partners with FinTechs and other technology companies.

The GFMI 2nd Edition Open Finance, APIs & Partnerships conference taking place on March 30-31, 2023 in Boston, MA, will bring together the leading financial institutions in the Open Finance space to discuss the current state of adoption in their institutions and assess how they are keeping on top of the advancements in API technology and FinTech partnerships. The current transformations in the banking ecosystem will be discussed such as evolutions in payments and BaaS as well as strategies for implementing open finance on the corporate side of the business. There will also be case studies of how people are overcoming the challenges around data sharing as well as creating a strong risk framework with FinTech partners and open finance strategies to ensure they can be safely implemented with strong levels of consumer trust whilst also meeting demands. 

Attending This Premier marcus evans Conference Will Enable You to:

  • Benchmark the progress of varying institutions within open finance and key focus areas over the next 12 months

  • Discuss the potential open finance regulation to be introduced within North America

  • Appreciate the value that open finance can provide through unlocking a new customer base that was previously inaccessible

  • Assess the necessary differences in approach for corporate strategies compared to customer interactions: Changes in user experience and functionality

  • Understand the need to think beyond the issue of data privacy and the overall risk of open finance

  • Transform and evolve digital experience to meet growing consumer demands

Best Practices and Case Studies from:

  • Matthew Smith, Executive Managing Director, Chief Digital Banking and Enterprise Product Officer, Webster Bank

  • Don Cardinal, Managing Director, FDX

  • Kim LaBarbiera, Director & Counsel - Cybersecurity and Third Party Risk Management Group, American Express

  • Alex Yang, Director, Connected Banking, Bank of America

  • Chris Kennedy, SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Technology & Operations, Regions Bank

  • Stéphane Bousquet, Head of the Open Banking Center of Expertise, National Bank of Canada

For more information and registration discounts please contact: Ria Kiayia, Digital Media and PR Marketing Executive at riak@global-fmi.com or visit: https://bit.ly/3Vetb2Y

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