2021 Open Finance Rankings Released

  • Open Banking
  • 05.01.2022 08:15 am

Open Future World, the leading global information source on progress in open banking and open finance, has released its 2021 Global Rankings. The rankings offer a snapshot of who has been making open finance headlines around the world.

Plaid, TrueLayer, Mastercard, Tink and Finicity top the list of organisations most often featured in the company’s widely-read ‘Daily Edit’ of the most interesting news and opinions. In geographical terms, organisations headquartered in the UK, USA and Brazil get the most mentions.

The complete archive includes more than 5,000 individual mentions, featuring over 1,500 organisations across 72 countries. The archive is freely available online and fully searchable - allowing users to find mentions of any particular company, country or topic.

“Keeping up with the open finance movement is becoming ever more interesting (and demanding)”, commented Open Future World co-founder Marie Walker. “These rankings provide a rich reflection of what is happening globally. We look forward to continuing to chart progress in 2022.”

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