Skilling Drops Overnight Fees on Stock Trades and Adds New Stocks

  • Online Trading
  • 09.02.2021 04:17 pm

Fast-growing forex and CFD provider Skilling has announced that it is eliminating overnight fees on stock CFD trades for the month of February. The announcement comes on the heels of the company adding many more stocks for its customers to trade, now totalling over 700 companies.  

Stock CFD trading has seen a major uptick since the outset of the year with masses of traders swarming to join the trade race that has taken the financial markets by storm. Both the stock additions and the February offering spring from Skilling’s acute focus on trader needs that have constantly seen the company strive to deliver both time-specific and market-relevant trading conditions to the benefit of clients and for an enhanced trading experience.

With zero commission and, for a limited time, no rollover fees, Skilling has designed stock trading to be a cost-effective and smooth trading experience. In doing so, Skilling is taking further steps to meet market demand for innovative trading technologies that make inclusivity a core part of their platform philosophy. 

Trading has been a hot topic on the global news agenda, with retail investors and Wall Street Journalists seemingly at loggerheads over the Gamestop saga. Recent events have demonstrated the seismic impact that collective demand from retail investors can have, with some arguing we are entering a new age of retail trading. 

Michael Kamerman, Skilling CEO, said: “We are witnessing a revolution in the world of trading that highlights accessibility and inclusivity as more important than ever before.The decision to temporarily remove rollover fees was an easy one. Overnight fees are a key detractor from traders in trying out stock CFDs. We’re going to eliminate those fees temporarily to allow customers to focus more on the markets and less on fees.” 

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