EPL Partners with MX To Enhance Its Online Banking Platform

  • Online Banking
  • 12.12.2016 12:00 pm

 EPL, a leading software development company serving credit unions nationwide, today announced a new partnership with MX, one of the world's fastest-growing fintech providers, to bring unified financial data and intuitive money management tools to its online banking platform.

MX will deliver cleansed and categorized transaction data that makes spending behavior easier to interpret, along with redundant, reliable multi-source aggregation that paints a comprehensive financial picture for credit union members across their accounts. MX's award-winning UI further assists in helping members formulate budgets, analyze spending, trends, debts and net worth.

"The ability to view all accounts in one place, understand how you're managing money and then make informed decisions based on that knowledge is crucial," said Robin Kolvek, interim CEO at EPL. "Credit unions leveraging EPL & MX's combined capabilities will build financially strong members and deepen their relationships, improving profitability."

The partnership will provide EPL clients with access to MX's Insight and Target solutions, pairing intelligent analytics with targeted offers. As aggregation identifies held-away mortgages, credit cards and auto loans, credit unions can offer their members superior products to win back business from other financial institutions.

"Aggregated data unlocks a wealth of knowledge benefiting member and credit union alike. Members can develop a more disciplined approach to spending, and their financial institution can also extend lower interest rate products that save them even more," said MX Founder and CEO Ryan Caldwell. "We're excited to be working with such a forward-looking and innovative partner who is committed fully to enhancing the member experience."

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