NovaSparks releases NovaTick

  • 17.09.2014 01:00 am

NovaSparks™, the leading field programmable gate array (FPGA) market data company, has announced NovaTick, its third generation pure FPGA feed handler solution built on a new hardware platform. NovaTick™ is a fully integrated ticker plant solution targeting the most demanding customers who are not willing to compromise between speed and determinism on one hand, and scalability and functionality on the other. Compared to its predecessor, NovaTick supports four times the number of instruments and five times the input/output bandwidth, while delivering sub-microsecond processing speed even during market data peaks. NovaTick also integrates the recovery service offered by most exchanges.

“We are thrilled to introduce NovaTick, our third generation feed handler,” commented NovaSparks CEO, Luc Burgun. “With this new platform, not only did we manage to reduce latency further, but we also dramatically increased scalability and significantly enhanced the feature set. With the availability of NovaTick, investment banks and trading firms are no longer asked to sacrifice speed for functionality or vice-versa. The introduction of this new platform also underscores our commitment to broadening our market coverage across asset classes and geographies in the most effective way for our customers.”

NovaSparks’ new platform is built around one of Altera’s largest FPGA chips yielding the lowest possible latency and accommodating the highest number of instruments. This pure FPGA matrix architecture is augmented with tightly integrated multi-core Intel processors to support non-latency sensitive tasks such as exchange recovery functions.

Customers will be able to evaluate NovaTick’s capabilities and functionalities in October, initially on both the NASDAQ TotalView ITCH 5.0 feed and the NASDAQ Glimpse 5.0 recovery service.

NovaSparks will be exhibiting at the 11th annual High Performance Computing (HPC) for Wall Street Conference, on September 22nd, 2014, that will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York.

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