Payhawk Announces Integration with Accounting Software Provider DATEV

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  • 16.06.2021 02:37 pm

Payhawk, the growing platform that combines expense, payment and invoice management in one solution, today announced that it now integrates directly with global accounting software provider DATEV. This will enable users to save time, minimise errors, and benefit from added security, in order to fully comply with German National accounting regulations and GoBD compliance.

Hristo Borisov, CEO and Founder of Payhawk, says: As remote working has boomed around the world, digitisation of expense management processes has increased dramatically too. We want to ensure that all companies doing this important work are doing so accurately, securely, and compliantly. We are delighted to be integrating with DATEV, and looking to offering a robust service to our users”

The process of uploading information into an accounting system can be fraught with error -- the integration between Payhawk and DATEV seeks to change this. In practice: when a company extracts all relevant and important data from its expenses, including custom fields, the next logical step is to send it to an accounting system.

Payhawk wants to remove all unnecessary actions from this process, in order to ensure that when a company’s expenses are reviewed in Payhawk, they are automatically pushed to DATEV. For users, this is a huge bonus, as they will no longer need to manually export and reupload data. Payhawk also ensures that the information uploaded is 100% accurate. Payhawk ensures that this is the case, by minimising the chance for mistakes, confusion or duplicates.

Payhawk provides end-to-end management of company spending. It delivers an integrated platform that manages all company spend; issuing cards for employees with built-in spend rules and collection of receipts, and automatically reconciles and extracts data from invoices in more than 60 languages. The company recently raised $20m from Klarna-backers QED Investors and others.

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