Brightwell Expands Partnership With Virgin Voyages, Providing Corporate Disbursements for Customers and Employees Globally

  • Money Transfers
  • 04.01.2023 04:50 pm

Following a successful integration with Navigator in 2019, Brightwell, a global payments technology company, has expanded its partnership with Virgin Voyages. With ReadyRemit, powered by Brightwell’s international payment partners, Virgin Voyages can now easily pay vendors, workers, and others, and provide customer-facing payouts like rebates, rewards, and refunds with one digital solution. 

“Traditional banking solutions have proven to be too rigid for the challenges that we’ve seen, but managing a corporate disbursement product can be time-consuming,” said John F. Birdsall, Senior Director of Corporate Accounting, Virgin Voyages. “Using ReadyRemit, we save our customers and employees time and money so that we can pay them easily and digitally in near real-time.”

In addition to fast, digital payments, ReadyRemit allows Brightwell’s customers like Virgin Voyages to provide secure payments to over 120 countries in the world, with no need for Virgin to store customer credit card or banking information. 

“We are proud to expand our partnership with our client, Virgin Voyages, after three years of service,” shared John Markendorf, COO of Brightwell. “We aim to provide them with cost-effective, simple solutions to their challenges, which has allowed us to grow our relationship with their team to new heights.”

Brightwell launched ReadyRemit in October 2022 to help more organizations capture more cross-border revenue by utilizing the comprehensive remittance engine to capitalize on the digital payments market quickly and easily. Because navigating regulations of cross-border payments is time-consuming and ever-evolving, ReadyRemit provides the technology components to power a comprehensive compliance engine that supports all global regulatory needs. 

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