Metro NOW by OptionsCity will be available next year

  • 30.10.2014 12:00 am

OptionsCity Software, a global provider of electronic trading solutions for professional futures and options traders, has  announced that the next generation software of its flagship trading platform, Metro NOW, will be available early next year. This web-deployed solution opens up the world of downloadable widgets to a range of users, allowing them to streamline their trading environment to fit their specific trading style.

Metro NOW incorporates rich functionality, automation, and custom widget offerings to meet the needs of professional traders, financial institutions, hedge funds, banks, and commodity trading houses. Users can quickly deploy Metro NOW’s front-end via the web and easily manage centralized server-based risk associated with custom widgets, algorithms, and Freeway automation engine trades.

“This is our latest innovation and a new approach to the existing ‘build or buy’ problem facing many firms today”, comments CEO Hazem Dawani. “Customers will have the flexibility to build AND buy custom widgets and algos from the City Store to optimize their trading environment. Metro NOW represents the perfect balance between off-the-shelf software, and in-house development of custom GUI and automated strategies.”

The Algo Store, soon to be re-launched as the City Store, is a Marketplace of Trading Innovation where traders have the ability to download custom widgets to their Metro environment. Automation algos controlled by custom widgets allow users greater leverage and control in responding to market conditions while constantly monitoring risk. These components can be downloaded to Metro’s existing trading infrastructure for immediate delivery and deployment.

Metro NOW’s release underscores OptionsCity’s commitment to providing its customers with extensible enhancements and automation solutions that reduce time-to-market, so clients can focus on their trading operation.

Visit OptionsCity at Booth #920 at FIA Expo Chicago November 4th – 6th to see how this next generation software meets the needs of a range of customers by allowing users to Build Their Own Experience. Be your own architect in OptionsCity’s Lego building challenge, test drive trading tools from the City Store, and get your questions answered by experts.

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