Sign In App Moves into the Events Market

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  • 08.08.2019 09:14 am

Sign In App is making a play for the lucrative events market with the latest addition to its growing portfolio.

The Northampton-based developer, which is already making waves globally in the visitor management market, has developed additional technology to help companies and organisations that run events both internally and externally, monitor attendee/visitor numbers, keep track of attendees/visitors and manage guest lists quickly and effortlessly.

According to figures released this year by events specialist Eventbrite 54 per cent of companies it surveyed plan to host more events in the coming 12 months. But 55 per cent of the same respondents said their budgets for 2019 were the same as the previous year, meaning value for money is a key requirement.

Sign In App’s eponymous product was first launched in 2015, aimed at replacing outdated paper visitor books in company receptions with a slick, self-contained unit containing an iPad, that records the name and an image of each visitor. It is a solution that not only strengthens the physical security of a building by keeping track of all visitors in real time, but adheres to GDPR guidelines over sensitive data storage and usage.

Now with the addition of Event Mode, organisations with even the most limited event budgets will get access to a top-of-the-range event management solution as part of the same package, with the peace of mind that all information gathered via events will still adhere to the most stringent data protection rules. It also means no extra investment will be needed when they host internal and external events, be this corporate hospitality, exhibitions, conferences or training days.

Event Mode can be used by all manner of different-sized companies and organisations to cover events of all types, including building open days/evenings, recruitment days, parents’ evenings and networking-type events and much more. The product is fully scalable and can be tailored to suit each individual event, and is also supported in different languages including French, Swedish, Dutch, German and Spanish, with more set to be added in the near future.

Key functionalities of the Event Mode include:

 The ability to upload guest lists 
 The ability to sign different people in on different days
 The ability to pull attendee data - ie: who did and didn't attend
 Customised fields, such as car registration or company name
 Push notifications, policies and NDAs (for example if there is a photographer at the event,
they can indicate they are happy to have their photos used via a simple tick box)
 Data collection ability (Particularly valuable for expos) 
 Badge printing abilities (badge builder allows customisation to add extras such as location
WIFI code or VIP)

Dan Harding, co-founder of Sign In App said the future was exciting: “We’re really pleased to release the event mode feature to all of our customers - some of have been using our technology at events for years - but the Reception Mode was never originally designed for events, so we’ve always had that nagging thought that it wasn’t quite right for the application.

“Now the team has rethought the process and created a smooth experience to create and manage the visitor management process at an event, plus all this is just added into their subscription at no extra charge.”

Harding added: “We’re excited to see what new markets Event Mode will take us into. The obvious would be exhibitions and networking events, but we are also seeing high demand for things like open house type events from the real estate sector in the US.”

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