Ivno Formally Launches Pioneering Tokenization Software Solution

  • Management , Financial , Technical
  • 21.04.2021 01:25 pm

Ivno is delighted to announce the formal launch of its pioneering Tokenization software solution, optimised with R3 Corda. R3 is the market leader in distributed ledger technology (DLT) adopted by many of the world's leading financial firms. Ivno's production-proven software provides a secure, dynamic smart contract driven solution designed for regulated financial services firms globally. Ivno’s tokenization software enable regulated businesses to issue security tokens, banks and stablecoins, or any other tokenized asset.

*The post-COVID 19 global tokenization market size is expected to grow exponentially, with the market size of tokenization in Europe alone predicted to reach US$1.5 Trillion in 2024. The global Tokenized marketplace opportunity is estimated to be in the region of US$50tn. Major drivers fuelling this growth include the need for stringent regulatory compliance, the delivery of a premium customer experience and rigorous fraud prevention capabilities. Ivno Tokenization delivers all this and more, today. 

Ivno software is integration-ready and facilitates the secure minting and management of stablecoins to meet the highest regulatory compliance standards, designed for enterprise use. The tokenization engine provides sophisticated business processes, and tools for network operators, custodians, and participants to integrate token functionality into existing workflows and systems, with the added features available for set-up and deployment. Ivno software is production-ready, enabling users to accelerate project deployment, providing immediate access to unique features to tokenize any asset with customised token properties.

Aaron Grantham, CEO at Ivno said. “The timing of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement on Monday this week about the launch of a new fintech taskforce to coordinate exploratory work on a potential central bank digital currency, led by the UK Treasury and Bank of England, absolutely supports our vision for this important market sector. We firmly believe Tokenization, which includes digital token, bank and stablecoin is the future for the global financial services industry which is approaching the adoption tipping point.” 

Aaron continued. “Our software provides a proven, modern way to increase liquidity efficiency, deliver enhanced security capabilities, and enable rapid, low-cost transfer of assets on a 24x7 basis. Additionally, solving the requirement to settle across multiple chains, where a token created on one can be settled on another, a business-critical requirement, where our feature driven software, designed from the ground up addresses this need. Based on consistent market feedback, there is a growing appetite for innovative, robust technology like Ivno, allowing firms to exploit the many advantages tokenization delivers, rapidly and with reduced development and delivery risk. We are very excited to be at the vanguard of a highly transformative marketplace supporting clients to achieve new business development goals.

*Source – forkast.news – Tokenization asset market size and analysis


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