Agiloft Announces Industry’s Most Powerful Integration Platform

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  • 23.06.2022 04:15 pm

Agiloft, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM), today announced enhancements to its Connected Experience Platform, which provides unparalleled integration capabilities that allow users to manage contracts in the tools they already use, flow data into where it’s needed to power better business decisions, and easily connect to centralized enterprise governance systems. Key to Agiloft’s newly enhanced CEP is its new Integration Hub powered by Workato, the first Workato integration to be embedded within a CLM, removing the friction of sourcing, onboarding a new platform, and allowing the intelligence of contract data to flow freely throughout an organization.

CLM: White Hot Legal Tech

“The legal tech space is white-hot because we’ve reached a CLM tipping point as enterprises worldwide have realized the power of CLM to drive an average revenue increase of 9.2% a year–increasingly critical in the face of a slowing global economy,” said CLM Futurist and Agiloft Chief Product Officer Andy Wishart. “However, the key to truly unlocking the power of CLM is the integration with other systems. Our newly enhanced Connected Experience Platform sets a new bar in the market in its ability to deliver industry-leading manageability, data flow, and connection with corporate governance systems.”

Wishart outlined the company’s three-pronged integration strategy for the platform, to ensure customers can turn to Agiloft to get the most power and efficiency out of their CLM:

  1. Work where employees work: 
    • In 2022, employees want to work with the tools they’re most familiar, with and not have to sign into separate systems. Whether they’re in legal, procurement, sales, or marketing–Agiloft allows employees to manage contracts in the tools they already use–not tools that only manage contracts. It’s more intuitive for everyone and dovetails into existing workstreams, enhancing productivity and driving out the complexity to have to use another system.
  2. Data where users need it:
    • Agiloft’s new Integration Hub with Workato is seamlessly integrated into its CLM software–right in the UI. Business and IT teams no longer have to go win the budget and complete the implementation and onboarding phase for a separate tool–only to then have to toggle back and forth between user interfaces. With the Integration Hub, the barrier to flowing data formerly locked in contracts throughout the organization is gone. Users are free to experiment and learn how to best share and use that data to better empower business results in various departments in the tools they already use. Hundreds, not handfuls of business apps are easily connected to handle endless use cases from onboarding new employees to streamlining purchase orders to expediting customer entitlements.
  3. Integrate with centralized integration platforms to ensure strong governance:
    • Many mature enterprise organizations centralize data integrations for all SaaS applications. This may be driven by a need to ensure consistency in tooling, or provide a standardized approach to data flow, or to have a strong and centralized governance process for enterprise data. Whatever the reason, with Agiloft’s Connected Experience Platform, users can rest assured they can easily integrate with their organization’s centralized integration platform of choice.

“We’re excited about Agiloft’s seamless integration into their UI–which puts them at the forefront of the CLM software industry,” said Gautham Viswanathan, co-founder and CPO at Workato. “Agiloft is pushing the boundaries of what it means to integrate automation practices into the new Integration Hub powered by Workato. By making it easy for users to send their contract data to more than 400 applications without having to toggle between interfaces, Agiloft is creating a more efficient and seamless future through automation.”

In a global study of enterprise buyers on CLM, the No. 2 most important CLM software demand, next only to value for the price, was seamless integration with other non-CLM tools, data, and systems. * “We could not be more excited to meet that market demand with our enhanced capability to easily let data sluice throughout organizations where it can truly help the businesses grow,” Wishart said. “With Agiloft, customers can be confident they are choosing the most integrated CLM on the market.”

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