Reliance Bank Added to APPLY

  • Lending
  • 08.02.2021 12:51 pm

Leading mortgage technology provider, Twenty7Tec, today announces that Reliance Bank has been added to its APPLY module, enabling mortgage intermediaries to submit applications to Reliance from the CloudTwenty7 platform.

APPLY seamlessly and securely connects lender and intermediary systems via a range of sophisticated APIs. Users of APPLY are able to submit either decisions in principle or full mortgage applications to lenders connected to the APPLY system. APPLY streamlines the application submission process by acting as the single point of transmission for all data, documents and communication relating to the application.

Nathan Reilly, Head of Lender Relationships at Twenty7Tec, commented: “Twenty7Tec is committed to working with lenders of all shapes and sizes to deliver on our ambition of making the process of applying for a mortgage simpler, faster and more efficient. We look forward to working with the team at Reliance to help them to deliver the best possible outcomes for intermediaries and their customers.”

Gareth Byrne, Head of Mortgages for Reliance Bank, added: “The roll out of APPLY has been something that Reliance Bank and Twenty7tec have been working on for a while now and I am delighted that we are now officially able to launch this into the intermediary marketplace. The benefits of APPLY will help improve the mortgage broker’s application journey with Reliance Bank whilst still maintaining our high level of personal ownership of applications. This roll out is a further important step in the Bank’s journey in the mortgage intermediary market and further strengthens our ongoing relationship with Twenty7 Tec.”

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