iController Nominated for Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50

  • Lending , Risk Management
  • 29.10.2020 09:11 pm

iController is nominated for Deloitte's Technology Fast 50. With a growth rate of 141.98%, the bootstrapped company continues its efforts as an innovative partner. 

Today, Deloitte announced the nominees for its Technology Fast 50, the top 50 fastest growing technology companies in Belgium. A striking newcomer is iController, which has seen a turnover growth of no less than 141.98% over the past four years (2016-2019). 

iController's revenue growth is the product of a well-oiled machine. Ongoing focus on efficiency, user-friendliness and innovation ensures that not only local SMEs and municipalities find their way to the SaaS scale-up, but also an increasing number of multinationals and international companies.

Not only its customer base, but also the company itself is growing at full speed. Despite the current corona crisis, 10 new employees have been recruited in recent months and 10 other vacancies are still open. "We are now gaining momentum," says founder and CEO Peter Janssens. "It's our ambition to achieve an annual growth rate of 50% in the coming years". 

This philosophy - self-driven strong and stable growth - has always been the foundation of the company. iController was developed by Peter Janssens, who operated a collection agency in addition to his position as manager at ABX Logistics. He needed a credit management tool for both positions, but remained unsatisfied with the existing software packages. To meet this need, he developed iController, an integrated solution for credit management. 

As a bootstrapped company, iController’s growth was driven fully by its own strengths. Janssens' focus on a qualitative product ensured natural, solid growth, which was exclusively financed by his company’s own turnover. 

CEO Peter Janssens said: "Our biggest competitor is Microsoft Excel. Many businesses still manage their accounts receivable manually, which is highly inefficient. As an innovative partner, it is our mission to demonstrate to them how it can be done more efficiently."

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