Funding Options Joins SME Finance Forum Global Membership Network

  • Lending
  • 18.12.2020 04:19 pm

Business finance marketplace Funding Options has joined the SME Finance Forum, a global membership network of the most influential leaders in finance. 

The SME Finance Forum’s 200-plus members work together to share knowledge, drive innovation, and promote the growth of small and underserved businesses around the world.

Small and mid-sized businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy and will play a pivotal role in driving economic recovery with access to capital central to that. As the UK adapts to a tiered system of regional Covid-19 restrictions accessing finance will remain essential to ensure survival. According to BVA BDRC’s latest SME Finance Monitor, three-quarters of small and medium-sized businesses have been negatively affected by Covid-19, with 35% struggling to stay afloat.

Matthew Gamser, CEO of the SME Finance Forum, comments: “At SME Finance Forum we are committed to helping small businesses get access to capital needed to grow and sustain their enterprise. Our membership network forms a close-knit community of industry experts who share a common purpose of helping SMEs. We are delighted to have Funding Options as the newest member of the Forum. We truly value their contributions.” 

Funding Options is a leading marketplace for business finance, sitting at the epicentre of the industry.

The fintech leverages its deep lender relationships with next generation technology built on open data technology to present borrowers with the most relevant funding solutions. A two-time winner of Nesta’s Open Up Challenge for Open Banking, Funding Options has been designated by HM Treasury for the bank referral scheme, to help UK SMEs find alternative finance when they're unsuccessful with the major banks. Whether SMEs are looking to grow, finance new assets or pay off a tax bill, its award-winning technology and in-house business finance specialists search the market to find the best match for any SME situation.

Simon Cureton, CEO of Business Finance Marketplace, Funding Options, comments: “With the support of our partners, we help businesses all over the UK find the right business finance, working with hundreds of lenders across the whole spectrum of financial solutions. As a member of the SME Finance Forum, we will share our experiences from the European markets with other members and broaden our network globally, as well as our sphere of influence, working alongside other leaders in SME finance to deliver funding solutions that will benefit SMEs the world over.”

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