PGi launches mobile collaboration exchange to enable HD Audio on any mobile device

  • IT Innovations
  • 22.02.2017 10:00 am

PGi, the world's largest provider of collaboration solutions announced the launch of its mobile collaboration exchange. Particularly, it is the first-of-its-kind, leveraging its global conferencing and collaboration network to enable mobile operators to deliver a High Definition (HD) audio and video conferencing experience to their customers. This is possible through using existing investments in their LTE and VoLTE network infrastructure. 

Unlike an IPX, which is an efficient hub network that interconnects mobile operators to one another, PGi's mobile collaboration exchange is also a global hub, but for mobile HD communication. The exchange enables mobile operators globally, either directly or through an IPX, to interconnect customers in conference calls and collaborations, across operator networks, while preserving HD voice quality with QoS connections.  

PGi is excited to take our HD collaboration experience and extend our mobile collaboration exchange to network operators and their customers around the world.

PGi has seen mobile participation in its hosted conferences go from less than five percent in 2005 to more than 26 percent in 2016. This uptick reflects the convenience and growing preference for business collaborators to use their mobile phones. And, with the increased quality of HD, PGi projects mobile participation to exceed 66 percent by 2020.

High definition audio provides a dramatic increase in clarity and effectiveness in conference calls due to both a wider frequency range as well as a higher signal to noise ratio. This leads to decreased background noise, less clipping of double talkers, more intelligibility of others with different accents or soft-spoken voices and less fatigue from straining to hear on lower quality calls.

Built to maximize a mobile operator's investment in VoLTE, PGi's platform for its mobile collaboration exchange can connect any device on any VoLTE or SIP network into an HD audio bridge. Currently mobile HD audio is only experienced on a point-to-point call, but now, by interconnecting to PGi's platform for its mobile collaboration exchange, HD audio conferencing can be experienced by any VoLTE customer on any network, in any country.


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