Nomura Research Institute Awarded "Best Utilities Technology" award 2017

  • IT Innovations , Financial
  • 24.02.2017 09:45 am

Nomura Research Institute (NRI) is an advanced provider of consulting services and system solutions. Today it has announced that its Valuable OTC Products and Liquidity Control System (VOLCS) received the Best Utilities Technology award at Fund Technology and WSL Awards 2017.

NRI’s VOLCS offering provides a multipurpose management system for financial institutions. Specifically, it establishes strong due-date management for structured bonds and OTC derivatives and cash management. Being designed for financial institutions, the solution can also be separated and utilized individually by non-financial firms.

Most recently, structured bonds and OTC derivatives have been receiving more attention due to the effects of stock price changes and Japan’s negative interest rates. Both financial products are complicated and require detailed calculation and settlement day management, causing a major operational and financial burden to financial institutions.

VOLCS enables its users to reduce the operational burden significantly, which will result in increased trading volume. As well as provides the option to reallocate their resources from due day management to strategic division for more sales power. A couple of major financial institutions have already adopted VOLCS since its launch last year.

“Financial institutions across the globe are looking to drive efficiencies in their day-to-day operations with innovative technologies to lower their cost burden, ease management challenges and increase their bottom line,” said Minoru Yokote, Senior Managing Director of NRI.

“NRI is committed to distributing our system solutions and consulting services that are industry-leading in Japan across the global marketplace to address these key challenges, and it is an honor to be recognized for our contribution.”

The Fund Technology and WSL Awards recognize technology solution and providers catering to asset managers and institutional traders that have demonstrated exceptional customer service and innovative product development over the past year. 2017’s event has been expanded to recognize the efforts of technology providers, data specialists, and exchanges meeting the needs of the wider asset management community, particularly mutual funds.



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