Mosaicoon Named as Facebook Marketing Partner to boost Video Content Marketing

  • IT Innovations , Infrastructure
  • 06.03.2017 06:00 am

Mosaicoon is the platform connecting top brands and worldwide creators for the end-to-end realization of video strategies. Today the company has announced that it has become a Facebook Marketing Partner in the Content Marketing specialty, with a particular focus on video.

The company will serve as an asset for brands looking to quickly get high-performance video strategies to reach Facebook audiences. Among the 18 Facebook Marketing Global Partners, Mosaicoon is the first partner for content based in Italy.

Mosaicoon changes the way that companies produce and position their online video campaigns. By counting on a worldwide network of creators who can upload their video contents - either as ready videos or format to be developed - Mosaicoon makes available to brands an array of videos that can be sponsored by them and are immediately suitable for their video strategy, with guaranteed performances included. As companies can browse, purchase and build on pre-made professional videos instead of commissioning them by brief, Mosaicoon makes the video production process quick, simple and cost-effective. It simultaneously enables brands to accelerate and maximize their video strategy potential, while allowing creators to express their best by not feeling constrained by a brief. The traditional creative process is thus flip-flopped, bringing creators at the center while creativity becomes the engine, and technology serves as an activator of a new way of producing value - what Mosaicoon explains in defining itself as “Human Creativity Engine”.

Within Mosaicoon platform the process is extremely simplified. Creators, whether individuals or production houses, propose their video projects of diverse forms and lengths - from short movies to how-to - and suitable for different industries. Tagged with keywords associated with their content, with the support of Artificial Intelligence videos are made available to brands through a matchmaking algorithm which picks out relevant videos matching the values or themes a company wants to emphasize through a project. In addition, Mosaicoon introduces a pricing model called “CPVplus” which allows brands to only pay content per effective views rather than purchasing videos at a fixed price.

Through Mosaicoon, brand marketers now have a highly efficient video content engine to fully leverage Facebook's distribution assets.

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