IT Glue Announces SOC 2 Compliance

  • IT Innovations , Infrastructure
  • 21.03.2017 11:15 am

IT Glue, the world's fastest-growing documentation platform, is pleased to announce it has attained SOC 2 compliance. Considered the premium level of compliance, SOC 2 is only granted to organizations who have been verified by third-party auditors as operating with the highest standards in data security.  

In order to be granted SOC 2 compliance, IT Glue had to demonstrate strict security practices across multiple functions including its infrastructure, software, processes, availability, data management, and governance. Having passed the audit on all levels, IT Glue can now officially offer its partners the highest level of trust and peace of mind, no matter how sensitive and confidential their data is. 

For IT Glue's CEO Chris Day, having received SOC 2 compliance is a testament to the company's trajectory. "SOC 2 is the industry standard in SaaS," says Day. "Achieving compliance was a lot of work; it really emphasizes our commitment to the privacy and security of our partner data."  

According to the company's VP, Product Luis Giraldo "SOC 2 is about trust. We've always worked tirelessly to gain our partners' trust, and now this trust is validated and verifiable." Giraldo adds "Our partners can have the highest degree of confidence in our security. There are a lot of businesses that require SOC 2 of their partners, and now those businesses can work with IT Glue." 

As a new gold standard in data security, SOC 2 compliance for IT Glue will be particularly beneficial for MSPs with industry specialization such as healthcare and government, where it is considered an essential prerequisite for doing business. With an aggressive product development roadmap in motion, IT Glue partners can expect more exciting announcements for benefiting their business in the near future.

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