Insightful Technology’s Soteria™ Recording Solution for Microsoft Teams is Certified by Microsoft for Regulatory Compliant Monitoring and Recording of Teams Interactions

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  • 22.11.2021 02:45 pm

Enterprise Intelligence Platform One of Only 10 Certified Policy-Based Recording Solutions Worldwide

Insightful Technology, creator of the Soteria™ Enterprise Intelligence platform that enables holistic surveillance, compliance and governance, is one of only 10 solutions currently certified for policy-based recording solutions for Microsoft Teams.

Since its introduction Teams has been an important collaboration tool and from the start of the pandemic it has become mission critical for many SMEs and large global enterprises. Organisations operating in regulated industries such as financial services, they need to have the same policy-based approach to Teams as with other electronics communication. The best way to do this is to use a solution that is fully certified for Teams.   

To achieve certification, the software-as-a-service based Soteria™ platform was thoroughly assessed, for seamless integration with the Teams environment, by an independently appointed expert.  An extensive proof of concept and delivery was provided, as well as a full demonstration that it reliably, compliantly, and securely delivers all the promised policy-based recording features.

The Chief Operating Officer of Insightful Technology, Alan Stewart, commented, “Microsoft’s certification application is rightly an extremely thorough process. We are proud that Soteria™ Enterprise Intelligence is one of only 10 solutions to meet Microsoft’s strict criteria and just the second solution in the UK.”

“Solution integrations built by companies like Insightful Technology strengthen Microsoft Teams’ platform capabilities and create unique value for users and their organizations,” said Pete Daderko, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Teams Phone. “The product integration with Soteria™ is the type of solution that enables Microsoft customers to expand their use of Teams to meet their compliance needs.”

Soteria™ is trusted by nine of the top 12 global banks and more than 170 other financial organisations, to capture, encrypt, store, and surveil business communications (now including Teams) and market data in real-time. Using this powerful enterprise intelligence platform, organisations can minimise risk, whilst delivering a competitive advantage, by capturing proactive surveillance and e-discovery, historic importing, archiving, and analysing all communications in real time.

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